Our proofreaders spend, on average, 45 minutes to review 1,000 words of writing, allowing them to do a thorough and complete job on any document.

The main areas which our proofreaders will examine and improve your writing include but are not limited to:

Academic tone, lexis and vocabulary

An appropriate academic tone is very important for university assignments and research papers. We can help ensure this is achieved in your writing by analysing and editing your lexical (word) choices, and by making improvements to vocabulary, where appropriate.

Lexis and vocabulary

Lexis and word choice has an important influence on establishing an academic tone to your writing. Where appropriate, our proofreaders will recommend improvements to word choice and vocabulary.

Consistency of tenses

Inconsistent tenses are a common problem for ESL students and can damage the clarity and flow of writing. This can make for a confusing, at times even nauseating, reading experience. We can ensure that your writing does not give negative impressions to the reader by ensuring consistent tenses.

Wordiness, redundancy or repetition

These issues can make a piece of writing feel insubstantial and lacking in depth. If present, our proofreaders will correct any problems of wordiness, redundancy or repetition.

Sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure

We will thoroughly review your sentence structure and syntax to improve clarity and coherence of message and argument.

We will address any issues relating to paragraph structuring, such as length, unity, order of thoughts and transitions.

Grammar and punctuation errors

Common mistakes that will be corrected include: missing articles, comma splices, run-on sentences, split infinitives, adverb placement, incorrect conjunctions, subject-verb agreement and pronoun agreement issues, dangling participles, ending sentences with prepositions and other errors.

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