Experienced UK proofreaders

All of our proofreaders are native English speakers from the UK. They have been selected for their quality work and extensive experience in professional English proofreading services. They hold advanced degrees from top UK universities and the highest professional qualifications and credentials.

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Great value pricing

We operate our business efficiently with very low costs and take smaller profit margins than our competitors. This allows us to charge cheaper rates than other proofreading companies and still deliver a first-class service. View our pricing for more information and a comparison table of our rates compared to our competitors.

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Prompt and timely delivery

We understand that our clients are working to strict deadlines and we respect the importance of a prompt and timely return of your proofread document. Our service is 24/7 and has been setup to ensure the efficient delivery of a high quality editing service.

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Quick and secure ordering

One of the many strengths of our English proofreading service is how simple and easy it is to order. It takes less than two minutes to upload your document, select your requirements and complete payment securely via PayPal (accepts all credit/debit cards).

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About Us

Proofreading Services UK is a British English proofreading service working for clients all over the world. We also run Quality Proofreading Services. Our service is for standard proofreading and editing. For 'substantive editing' try Cambridge Proofreading Services. We have delivered work for a broad range of clients, including students, academics, universities, businesses and other organisations. Some of our past clients include the EEC (European Economic Community), RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), NHS (National Health Service) and others. We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients and deliver a first-class customer experience to ensure this. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or view our FAQ. Voted #1 Academic Proofreading Service on FindProofreading.com

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What our clients say


I really love the editing and surely will send you in the coming days my other piece.

Thank you
- Mohammed, PhD Student, University of Malaysia
Dear Francis,

Thank you so much for your kind emails and I really liked the essay after the editing and honestly I noticed that the person who did it for me was very careful about everything to make it better I am really happy that i found someone very professional like you.

I will always use your service and be a good client.
- Shosho, MSc Student, University of Manchester
Thanks so much for your help. Really satisfied with the work. I have used other proofreading services and I think yours is the best value. The editor has done a very thorough job!

- Zhixiao Wang, PhD Student, University of Cambridge

Thank you very much for this excellent work, very important for us!
Our authors are very pleased with your proofreading.

- Andreas Pienkos

We are most impressed with the way that the editor has navigated and understood the technical language around pension annuities in our article. Annuity lingo is not easy to grasp yet you have done an excellent job on our important page. Thank you very much!

Paul, Banking Times